Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Accent on Integration®

Does AOI® only integrate with hospital-owned EMR (electronic medical record) systems or with any external EMR?

We make no distinction. We can integrate with any but our focus is on hospital systems as opposed to individual providers or group parctices due to the nature of the devices being integrated.

Is Accelero Connect® proprietary hardware and software, or software only?

Software only.

What medical device companies does AOI mainly work with? Can it work with all or are there limitations?

Our Accelero Connect product is designed to be manufacturer and modality neutral. In other words, we can connect to any device that can export data (ideally via HL7 over TCP/IP, but we can do serial connection via serial port server as well).  Our integration services are vendor neutral as well.

What is a standard AOI implementation timeframe for device to EMR integration project?
Who does the test validations on the interface?

Every project is different, but our standard implementation is 90 days or less once the EMR/vendor interfaces have been procured. We provide the test plan and we work directly with all parties to test and validate.

Does AOI work with more patient centric or location centric methods?

We support both, but we recommend patient-centric. Some vendors are location-centric so we have to accommodate both.

Does AOI support data validation prior to all data going out to the EMR?

Customers who have their own validation routine in their EMR will prefer to do the validation there. However, for those EMRs that don’t have this function, our Accelero Connect product has a built-in validation screen that is used for this purpose.

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